Monday, October 29

Truth about Gujrat Riots : Tehelka

Ashish Khetan, the brave journalist from has found out some very disturbing truth about Gujrat Riots & role of government inaction in it. Listen to these people, as they speak about their, cops', Narendra Modi's role in riots, with exhilaration, without any remorse or moral qualms. Their morality is shaped around Hindutva, and its glory, and hatred of muslims, and feral animosity long cultivated by shakhas, history, fable of past glory, and isolation from Muslim community. They are gullible enough to reveal all, to a relative stranger whom they believe is member of their clan. I have known a person who is very nice person in all other aspects, except this. He is raged with passion, and hatred when he talks about Muslims. He talks about their plan to reproduce and take over India, and his willingness to take up arms when the time for war comes. The first time, I heard him say this, I sincerely wanted to ask him to get a psychoanalysis, or convince him of irrationality and phobic nature of his thinking, but it was no avail. Now I know how widespread the problem is...
Bravo to brave Ashish for uncovering this. Now we know what we are up against.. Not the people, but the indoctrination which created them. VHP, Bajrang Dal are extremists for sure. But if RSS ideology has role to play in this, it is truly evil. Lets hope the people who committed this, are brought to justice. Otherwise, these expose will be recruitment material for Islamic jihad.


Anonymous said...

dont let the fire come down.
we have to nail all the culprits, it can happen only by people like you and me, by not letting this issue die.
i appreciate your work.
keep it up.

iqbal singh

Ameet said...

An article on BBC about Gujrat elections.

Pulkit said...

I came to this blog through a post of the author on NGOPost, and respect his concern for making the world more equitable. However, I totally disapprove of this post. It has become increasing fashionable in the last decade, among the non-muslims of India, to gain the moral high ground by bashing RSS/VHP/Bajrang Dal. No one finds it fun to talk about the ISI or the Al Qaida or the Lashkar or heaps of such terror outfits. The irony is that these Islamic terrorists have been responsible for staggeringly more loss of life than RSS/VHP/Bajrang Dal. No one questions or probes into why so many Hindus were burnt alive in Godhara. If you are really anti-violence, you need to condemn all sides responsible for the bloodshed. You seem to ignore the biggest culprit.

You may wanna read some of the comments on this post: They are extremely relevant, containing some very interesting facts.

Ameet said...

Hi Pulkit
Indeed acts in Godhra and in Gujrat riots are equally tragic. and it is the nature of 'tit for tat' strategy which assures mutual destruction. Godhra is still being investigated, but here is the undeniable proof of Bajrang Dal role in Gujrat riots. We can let riots happen and thousand innocents die, or punish the wrongerdoers in Godhra and Gujarat based on evidence, and ensure justice. My only point is these tapes are undeniable evidence in role of Bajrang Dal and government in Gujrat riots, and if we have any hopes for a just, less violent resolution to this issue, we must act on it.