Monday, September 10


NGO Post is the people's platform for sharing and discussing social welfare ideas and initiatives.

NGO Post is more than the traditional news website or mailing list. More than about news, it is about ideas that facilitate action. And because it is You who bring in the stories and You who decide what gets published, we expect the best, and only the best, to be on our frontpage.

Keep up-to-date with ongoing social developments. Learn how people are making a difference. Get inspired. Share insightful stories. Discuss ideas and solutions. Find information. Connect with people interested in common causes. And Contribute to the projects that need your skills.

All at NGO Post..

and now, in a lighter vein :-) A poem composed by Nitin

Keep up-to-date with social work
Learn, get inspired, don't be a jerk!
It's where news is crispy as toast
NGO Post, NGO Post!

You report stories, you rate them too
The good ones remain, you throw out goo!
It's where your participation matters the most
NGO Post, NGO Post!

Stories to discuss, ideas to share
Actions to follow on opportunities there!
It'll act as your collaborations host
NGO Post, NGO Post!

If you are an NGO, share you deeds
Want volunteers? post your needs!
It'll be the site you love the most
NGO Post, NGO Post!

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