Friday, August 17

Shelter Associates

Recently on visit to India, I visited a superb NGO from Pune, Shelter associates. Started by architects, they helped in creating most up-to-date maps & surveys of slums in pune. Now they also have ability to create layered GIS maps of slums, with any possible information starting from family size, occupation, move-in history, rental/own house, toilets, water taps, electricity connection and so on. Such surveys helped create tailored, optimal solutions for slum developement/relocation/hygiene improvement projects for which SA acted a facilitator. Two of their success stories have been made into documentaries by Yashada, pune. Please watch them, and spread the word amongst your friends about this superb good work. Dr. Pratima Joshi, director, SA was recently awarded 'Ashoka' fellowship for this useful work.

Kamgar Putla slum relocation project

Sangali slum sanitation improvement

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