Tuesday, April 3

The Air Car

The age of air powered cars is upon us! What I thought was April fool's joke is true!! These run on compressed air, do not pollute, run 200-300km on single refill, which can be done at air station in 2-3mins for Rs.90 or at home! (in 4 hours by plugging to the wall socket). Check out this & this video to see them in action. Developed by french MDI group, Tata group will be marketing these in India! Read the astounding specs in this story on rediff.


Anonymous said...

Hey Amit, its prem here. I joined Goldman Sachs - bangalore last monday and my new email id is prem.baranwal@gs.com.
Since i dont have access to yahoo/gmail/orkut, i am using this blog to communicate. Do drop an email. BTW i read this article. It sounds too good.

CV said...

hello ameet dada..
i have been really concerned about global warming after watching al gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'. this definitely seems to be a solution to it, although it needs to be seen whether the car doesn't meet with the same fate as solar panels : zero running cost, but too high investment !