Sunday, September 3

Tierra Miguel

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit Tierra Miguel Foundation, an organic farm near San Diego, as a part of monthly seva at local Art of Living chapter. We gladly sweated under the watchful sun, to create a state_of_the_art circular herb garden :-) A few amazingly aromatic rosemary herbs already there, added aromatherapy to this outdoor sauna! It was a blast..

This is a agriculture project, mainly aimed at education & research in Organic farming & community living. They treat it a necessary expense which they cover by selling farm goods. They avoid the age-old problems of fluctuating demand & calamities by a network of CSA customers, each of whom receive a weekly box of fresh farm produce for an annual fee.

Our herb garden was in the frontyard of Peter Dukich, a 92 years old farmer! Wait.. read that again :-) He was a wonderful man, in pink of his health, with all his teeth intact and taught us real good tricks in digging, to conserve the efforts and maintain the pace. He also told us his lifestory. He was a selfmade man of Serbian & Irish decent, who once was a professional barber (men & women he said :-), a musician, a gardening teacher for a school of autistic children and finally organic farmer! "This is a way to live" he said, "we meet, we work, we have fun, have food, shake hands and make merry. Too many people are living alone these days." His very kind wife Charlotte & Milijan's wife treated us to the best nut-cake & cheese pie I had in my life!
I also met Mukul Senapati on this trip, whose hobby is gardening. He jumpstarted my plant collection, as we visited Home depot on way home. It is a real funny feeling, being responsible for something (5 lovely plants, in this case) for first time in my life!

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