Monday, August 21


TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design conference. This is where each year, 1000 brilliant, passionate, creative people with original ideas meet and share those. It is an experience which only be recreated by listening to them directly. So, do watch Al Gore emphasize on global warming, Sir Ken Robinson discuss infusing creativity in education, Majora Carter on her sweet project of greening the south bronx, Larry Brilliantine who led the smallpox eradication campaign and now heads Google trust, the pastor Rick Warren ("The purpose driven life") and philospher Dan Dennett wrestle with meaning of idea of God & role of religion, Cameron Sinclair ('Architects for humanity' fame) describing his open souce architecture initiative, Jahane Noujaim, director of 'Control Room', documentary exloring the 'other side' of Iraq war; 100$ laptop visionary Nicholas Negroponte, Amy Smith on low cost clean fuels in developing world, Jeff Han prof at NYU on amazing multi-touch interfaces, and designers Ross Lovegrove & Joshua Prince-Ramus, and comedian Julia Sweeney and musical geniuses Sirena Huang (age 11) on violin and Jennifer Lin (age 16) on piano, as well as many other superb speakers! Enjoy & get inspired..

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