Saturday, June 17


This is made from a b/w photograph of my mother in 70s, when she was a NCC cadet. My fondest memories of childhood are associated with this picture, thinking of all heroic deeds she did wearing that uniform. At one time, I believed she was a soldier in Indian army :-) If I have been able to reproduce even iota of her calm, steady, sure gaze, I consider it task well done. Drawing this picture has been truly a joyride in corridors of memory. The black corners in sketch are due to autocontrast in Picasa, sketch being too faint for contrast.

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Raghava_Gunti said...

this sketch is great :) a comment though:
you might need to darken the cap and hair portions, so that the features on the face are brought into focus... also considering how important the eyes are, leaving the eyeballs as a contour might be taking away some impact... the feature all appear to be captured, but some how they are not being emphasized. pata nahi kya affect kar raha hai...