Monday, June 5

Magic of Ink sketching :-)

My first one :-) The lovely clay dear was made by Shankar, in UCSD crafts center. This one took an ink bottle (half of which got my carpet drunk, in one brush of impatience) and a wooden chopstick. So I would dip the stick into bottle, nip it again on both sides at the edge of bottle to drain the excess ink, and start dr..rr.. (oh.. that only went that far.), so dipping again.. dRRRRRR (damn! overdid this time.. blob of ink all over the deer nuzzle).. Patience.. ddrraawwiinngg.. (Completed it finally :-)


karthik nagarajan said...

Good job man..amit.

Raghava_Gunti said...

I unhorned the deer, but you kept it alive... cool :)