Monday, June 26

Jimmy Carter at UCSD!

Ex President of USA, Jimmy carter was at UCSD, spreading the word about Carter foundation, which has been doing amazing work in developing countries. Just to cite a few, coordinating the eradication of Guinea worm from Africa, building one of largest public latrine systems in African villages to eradicate river blindness and trauchoma, and fostering democratic process around the world by acting negotiator between rival groups, laying out of constitutions, ensuring fair elections in many countries, most recent one being Palestine.
Carter foundation bites what it can chew, and aims for efficiency and efficacy. Now that malaria bednet with 7 year impregnation roundtime has arrived, it has ambitious plans of rolling it out. It does not put names on the works it does. One of most heartfelt remarks he made was, "Through this process, one thing I intensely realized was that, we tend to gravely underestimate the quality of people in say Ghana, Nigre. They have same integrity, family values like me . And once we show what is good for their future, they adopt it with as much competence, alacrity and with a sense of appreciation!" A true honor to hear a good man. Watch the video here.

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