Thursday, June 29

J Krishnamurthy

I was reading collection of his "Talks with students" given at varanasi school in 1954, where he is talking passionately with school children about what is education. I have read just a chapter, and its message is driving me nuts. Purpose of education is to get rid of fear. To discover your interests, abilities, nature of the world and how to interact fruitfully with it. But primarily to learn to stop acting based on fear and start acting on knowledge. Like avoiding a ditch by walking round it, instead of being afraid of it. Even courage is not opposite of fear. And here I am, with so many subtle insecurities that some of them have become part of the nature. Education should help us understand them and get rid of them. Fear of competition, fear of opinion of others, fear of losing job, fear of beasts in our nature, fear of loneliness, fear of morals.. so many fears.. But being aware of them is first step in freeing oneself from them. I found two of the talks online here & here.


Uttishtha Bharata said...


Is this the one that you were referring to:

or was it something else that you read?

Would be glad if you could point out to the source. I am collecting all the Great Sages thoughts on Education at:

and would like to add JK's thoughts to that too.

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Calvin's Hobbes said...

Looks like the jehadis had studied really well so that they have forgotten what fear is.. :P BTW the post in my blog was in bhojpuri.