Wednesday, May 10

Reminiscing Dr. Carver

I was introduced to Dr. George W Carver by his biography in Marathi, 'Ek Hota Carver', by Veena Gavankar. He lived during late 19th century, when Civil war had just ended, and slavery still rampant in south. He struggled against all odds to gain education, and was probably the first black person to get PhD from US University. He was an agriculturalist, microbiologist and a prolific inventor, and a very humane person. He taught at Tuskegee University, a newly founded school to impart trade and craft skills to black community, and truly revolutionized local agriculture by his methods of crop rotations, and singlehandedly created industries by his inventions. He touched lives of those he came in contact with by his humbleness, wisdom, wit and spirituality. Today while surfing found one of his favourite poems, "Equipment" by Edger Guest. It is humbling to know to that Dr. Carver, lived by these verses.

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anish said...

sahi! convent madhe hoto mhanun 8th to 10th marathi sodun sanskrut ghetla. vaat laagaychi tevha marathi vachayla. mag 9th madhe tharavla ki khoop zala. 1st book i read was ti phulraani and 2nd was ek hota carver. khoop chaan pustak aahe yaar.its been many many years but i still remember. carver was truly a very great man.