Thursday, July 18


So there, I am here at GE, and here in Bangalore. Words like six sigma, master black belts, patents, disclosures are floating in the air and I am typing this sitting in my cubicle, having nothing else to do (till my project gets defined, at least :-) Bangalore is the city of gardens, pubs, mains and crosses, and (sob..) brokers. We had some tough time in playing politics with them and the landlords ! Otherwise all is cool. Went to trek to Makalidurga on last Saturday with a nature club natureadmire, and also to the Shiva temple (with a skyhigh statue of Shiva, as opposed to Linga observed at other places). At company met a lot of IITians (JB, who took my ragging, jimmy, nikhil, suvrat, shodhan et al). People here are really very highly qualified. nearly 70% with global exposure. But this being my first brush with corporate life, I haven't yet settled. Indeed, everytime I hear about siggy, minitab, fishbone, EMS and zee scores, I break into a sweat..

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