Sunday, June 16


Came from tadoba sometime back. I hope I will write the report soon. Had great 10 days, and saw tigers,chitals (this is same as spotted dears :-),sambars,sloth bears,crocs, barking dears,flying squirrel (I spotted this),langoors,wild boars and a lot others. Sat 18 hours on machan on 25'th May, full moon night from 2pm to 8am. Narrowly escaped a sloth bear attack. Saw infinite birds, and got to learn their names, too. Met some really good people, and also witnessed some EP clashes. Basically loved the whole of it. Nari has scanned and uploaded quite a few photos.
We also met Manohar Sapre an amazing old man who in 10 minutes talked to us about his life and philosophy, and sounded very genuine. He has recommended a bunch of books. After reaching Bangalore, will buy them w/f after first salary!! Well, I have a job now, and will be joining on 1'st. (hopefully) But before that, I have a BTP to complete.

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